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 New Source

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Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer

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PostSubject: New Source   Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:55 pm

This topic is for those who have played on the old source and new players.

For those who played on the old source:

I know most of you have maxed out banks, some even had rare items, weapons, etc. Well guess what, Bitching isn't going to help anyone or even yourself on this new source. This new source is most likely going to stay so your going to have to get used to it and stop crying about your items and crying that your going to quit if you don't get what you want, this server does not revolve around you.

Another thing, the EXP Rates. They are very very slow, and that's how Connor's going to leave them. Don't bitch about the exp rates, cause once again, it's not going to help yourself or anyone else on this server. And Don't ask Owner to change them cause he's going to leave them.

For those who are new joining this server:
This new source is still in beta. Any glitches should be reported immediately. Don't yell when you first get on the server. It will deplete your money by 200K each time. Connor added this feature so that Non-donars or Non-staff could not abuse this command. It most likely will be taken out or changed to Donars only, but I have no idea for telling what Connor plans.

If you need help, PM one of the staff members or myself and Either of us will assist you. You can also go to "Clan Chat" and type in "Help" that will take you into a clan chat for help for all new players who join.

Now, most of you new and old players should or have read this, I don't want to hear any more bitching about items or shit, and I certainly know that none of the staff members want to hear you bitch about it either.

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Bawsy Like Andreas
Bawsy Like Andreas

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PostSubject: Re: New Source   Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:39 am

Good one codes well said santa
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New Source
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